Best-Worst Break-Up Story Ever Contest – Extended!

Today would be your last chance to submit your funny cus it’s sadly true break-up story! But I thought I would be nice, for once, and give everyone an extra few days to grow some balls and share their stories!

Nothing helps heal the pain of a break-up better than:
A- Reading a book about metaphorically killing exes
B- Winning a free signed copy of that book
C- Getting a comic made for the story by ThingsMyExSaid. How fuckin cool is that?!
D- Sexual healing. But you’re on your own with that. I’m not an escort service.

I’ve heard a few good ones, but I know you’ve got more! Comment on this post, or on the Facebook Page of Axing My Exes and tell me your story. Hear mine at

Check out this Jimmy Fallon clip – these break-up stories are brutal! But hilarious! Do you have a better one? Give it to me!

I’ll announce the winner on this Friday’s post!

Ps- Sharing is caring


  1. You want a good break up story- listen to this one. I was dating this beautiful man from London and we were absolutely crazy about each other (or at least I was). We went out for dinner followed by a couple glasses of wine. We went back to our hotel room and a mutual (female) friend came to say hello. After 1 hour of drinking and casual conversation my (ex) boyfriend decides to put his hand on her upper thigh. She, being a sharer responds positively to it and before I know it they are on our bed hooking up right in front of me. I begin to yell extremely harsh words to both of them, my ex stops, looks at me and says “oh well you can join I guess”. Get that into ya!!!

  2. So I was dating this guy Brad( name has been changed) for a year and a bit. We lived together. We had went out one weekend but not together. I went downtown with a good friend of mine that was here visiting me from out of town & he went to a country bar with her boyfriend and the rest of the boys. Susan and I (name has been changed) were having a great time downtown dancing the night away. I Hadn’t been talking to Brad all night but I knew he had planned to stay at a friends place with the boys that night. Making sure there was room for Susan to stay at our place. Susan and I got home from the bar and not long after Brad arrives home. I asked him why he had come home and he said he’d sleep on the couch he just didn’t want to stay out with the boys. Not thinking anything weird was up I crawled into bed and was watching some TV. Brad asked Susan to go downstairs to get something to eat. Still not thinking anything was up I continuted to watch tv. About 20 minutes later neither Susan or Brad came back and I couldn’t hear them downstairs. I figured they had gone outside so I walked downstairs to go see what was up. I got half way down the stairs and I could hear moaning. Brad had Susan bent over in my kitchen. My friend susan! Bent over in front of my man!! They still hadn’t noticed I was standing there. I was standing on my stairs witnessing Brad with his pants down (underwear still on) and Susan still clothed but sounding like she was enjoying it. In my very own kitchen. I stormed the rest of the way down the stairs and flipped out. Told her to get out of my house NOW. I then looked at him and just said “WTF!?” He continued to tell me it was a joke! & they did it to see how would react. I then grabbed him by the dick which was hard as all get out and said “is this a joke too!?” I went back upstairs and he followed me. He continued to cry and throw himself around the floor like a child. Me being my clever self decided to get my phone out and record the way he was acting. He kept the crying up. And kept telling me (threw sobs and tears) “it was just a joke” the video lasted about a minute and a half with him crying and begging me “please don’t leave” I left! As quick as I could! But not before sending the video to Susans boyfriend and a couple of my friends to show them what had just happened. They then sent it to their friends who sent it to their friends. Before I knew it the video had reached as far as florida. (I’m from Canada). I travel a lot with my line of work and everyone who was everyone ended up seeing this video. It travelled to so many different states. So many different provinces!! He’s now known as the guy from that sobbing video. Pretty sure I got the last laugh 🙂

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