Month: September 2013

Best-Worst Break-Up Story Ever Contest – Extended!

Today would be your last chance to submit your funny cus it’s sadly true break-up story! But I thought I would be nice, for once, and give everyone an extra few days to grow some balls and share their stories!

Nothing helps heal the pain of a break-up better than:
A- Reading a book about metaphorically killing exes
B- Winning a free signed copy of that book
C- Getting a comic made for the story by ThingsMyExSaid. How fuckin cool is that?!
D- Sexual healing. But you’re on your own with that. I’m not an escort service.

I’ve heard a few good ones, but I know you’ve got more! Comment on this post, or on the Facebook Page of Axing My Exes and tell me your story. Hear mine at

Check out this Jimmy Fallon clip – these break-up stories are brutal! But hilarious! Do you have a better one? Give it to me!

I’ll announce the winner on this Friday’s post!

Ps- Sharing is caring