Month: March 2014

Dicture Gallery – Where Photography Meets Humor

Are. You. Ready. To Laugh Your Ass Off?

Rabbi Shaftstein. Enough said.

Yes- it is exactly what it sounds like. D-pictures. But not the plain boring limp type- the Hey how you doin kind…with a twist!

Imagine this. A world without tinder, instagram, snap chat and facetime. If that life sounds like complete horseshit, then this is for you.
For the rest, I suggest Pennsylvania – you’re gonna look great in a bonnet. I’ll send your wedding gift via carrier pigeon.

Now that they’ve moved, we can continue.

If you’ve dated, or even know a friend of a friend who has been single in the last five years, you’ve seen a dick pic. It really isn’t dirty anymore. It’s the new-age way of men telling women, “Hey, I’m thinking of you”. Hashtag Modern chivalry. Hashtag True romance.

Since this selfie of the genital variety has become so common, it has encouraged one very creative artist to push the envelope. Then mold it into a phallic statue, and dress it up for the world to see, then giggle at it.

The artist’s name is Soraya Doolbaz and she takes the dic pic to a whole ‘nother playing field. The arena of comedy! (My safe place)

1622231_1458755001006678_43820586_nShe photographs various anonymous models in their erect form…then dresses them in costumes and prints that wood- on wood!

It’s no less than pure genius.

The gallery debut is tomorrow night (Saturday, March 22nd) in Toronto, Ontario at The Richmond from 7:00pm till 11:00pm

There will be comedy acts, food, wine, live music, signed copies of my book -Axing My Exes- and of course- art!

You can get your tickets at and use promo code PROUD for 10 bucks off!

Check her out on Facebook:

Don’t be shy, come on over and join us- I’m in town! It will be one hell of a party!

High Five! But like, wash your hands first, obviously. Thanks. See you downtown tomorrow night!