Hello Bloggers!

If you’re first reaction to me is “who does this bitch think she is?” don’t feel alone. I often catch myself wondering that same question. Allow me to shed some light on the endless pit of inappropriateness that is me.

I’m a mid-twenty sarcastic and stylish elf sized human being. I’m from Toronto but currently live in Sweden with my hunky fiance. I’m a writer, a red-wine drinker and a wanderer.

I see life through rose coloured glasses but only if they are wayfarer’s that are tinted red because people are assholes. Including me.  I laugh when I’m uncomfortable, injured or other people are angry. When I’m angry, it’s no laughing matter.

I sometimes act like a grumpy old man and other times, like a horny old man. I will judge your choice of men, makeup and meal options. But for some reason you still want to put me in your pocket.

Oh, and I like to line up elbows before high-fiving. Do it. It will change your life.


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