Goodreads Choice Awards 2013 – Pick Me!

Pick me, pick me!

I have always been the short skinny runt of the litter who has an ego to match her ambition and as much bark as she has bite. So while at the tender age of 14 I may not have been the best choice for point guard on a basketball team, I still got picked. Why? For one, I’m pretty sure I scared most people. Note that all prominent historical mob bosses have been the size of a Chihuahua. I think it’s embedded in our human nature now to be afraid of the short loud ones who threaten people with things like slitting a pet rabbits throat. A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do. Though some say I got chosen because despite size, this white girl can jump. For real. Either way, a threat holds its purpose.

After all, strange, sick, twisted, and entertaining is the best recipe for a good story.  And while I could possibly have given Lebron a run for his money, I decided to put the basketball down and pick up a pen instead. Only time will tell if I’ve made the right choice.

My book, Axing My Exes, is not so different to that little girl hoping to be chosen on the cool kids team. It’s relatively small, the spine is quite skinny, it’s loud, ambitious, crazy and actually also threatening. It’s about a girl who realizes she, in some way or another, still has attachments to her exes. After a couple glasses bottles of wine, she AxingMyExes-FINAL500x750decides the only method of letting go she hadn’t yet tried, is murder. She creates a metaphorical dream world where every ex lover is gathered, tells them they are there to fight to the death and relives the ups and downs of the past when (and if) each stud meets his ultimate demise. Axing My Exes takes you on a comical yet cathartic journey every girl can relate to.

Reviewers have coined it “Best Break-Up Book!” and a “Delectable Retribution”

So, this is me jumping up and down with my hand stretched out in the air shouting, “Pick Me! Pick Me!”

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I saw a quote a friend posted on facebook that really hit home to me. “Eighty percent of success is showing up”. If I didn’t commit to sitting down and writing, I wouldn’t even have a book to be able to nominate for a Goodreads Choice Award for the Best Books of 2013. So my advice to every person who has ever had a dream; jump. Jump as high as you possibly can. Jump head first. Jump over the moon. Jump for as long as your legs can take it. At the end, you may be exhausted but your dream will be accomplished. And, of course, if all else fails, threaten to murder someones pet.

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