Best-Worst Break-Up Story Ever Contest – Extended!

Today would be your last chance to submit your funny cus it’s sadly true break-up story! But I thought I would be nice, for once, and give everyone an extra few days to grow some balls and share their stories!

Nothing helps heal the pain of a break-up better than:
A- Reading a book about metaphorically killing exes
B- Winning a free signed copy of that book
C- Getting a comic made for the story by ThingsMyExSaid. How fuckin cool is that?!
D- Sexual healing. But you’re on your own with that. I’m not an escort service.

I’ve heard a few good ones, but I know you’ve got more! Comment on this post, or on the Facebook Page of Axing My Exes and tell me your story. Hear mine at http://wp.me/p39Rdg-vV

Check out this Jimmy Fallon clip – these break-up stories are brutal! But hilarious! Do you have a better one? Give it to me!

I’ll announce the winner on this Friday’s post!

Ps- Sharing is caring